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To start off, here are our top 5 frequently asked questions about mobile broadband:

What is a Broadband Dongle?
A broadband dongle is sometimes called a USB modem. It’s a little USB stick that contains a 3G SIM card that you plug into any spare USB port on your desktop or laptop computer. The dongle allows your computer to connect to the Internet anywhere that you can get a 3G signal.

How fast is 3G mobile broadband?
Mobile broadband can allow download speeds of up to 7.2mbps (depending on what broadband package you choose). This of course varies from network to network and also how close you are you a 3G transmitter. You can check 3G coverage here.  The average speed of fixed line broadband is currently about 5Mbps in the UK.

How much does a Broadband Dongle cost?
Usually, on a pay monthly contract, the actual broadband dongle that contains the 3G SIM is free. On a pay as you go mobile broadband deal you might have to pay £30-£50 for the dongle. Mobile broadband costs are now comparable to that of the broadband you get through your home phone line. 3 have a £10 a month deal that will allow you to download 1Gb a data in that month – if you go over this limit you will only pay a 10p per extra MB of data you download. Usually, the more data you want to download – the more it’ll cost you a month.

How do I install a Broadband Dongle?
With most broadband dongles you just stick them into your computer and you’re away. All the software that the USB modem needs to operate is already included on the dongle. It literally will take seconds to get you online.
What is the coverage of 3G mobile Broadband in the UK?
The major 3G network operators claim to have 90% of the country covered by 3G signals. To check whether your chosen areas can get a decent 3G signal please use the links on our mobile broadband coverage checker page.