With data flying through 7500 UK hotspots covering England and half of Ireland, O2 provides a fast Broadband 3G network for all types of users who want to view emails, web pages, and download movies or other information on the go. With their fastest speeds recorded on the Wi-Fi networks and 3.5G High-Speed Downlink Packet Access protocol networks, O2 shouldn’t fail to please any new user.

O2 offers pay monthly plans which provide free modems, and a 3-10GB monthly tariff with 24 months of unlimited Wi-Fi. Additional fees apply for additional mobile broadband data usage. Pay and go packages offer mobile broadband service on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis with a small modem fee. For the professional, business accounts are available in 3-9GB options!

O2 Mobile Broadband offers Pay & Go programs for some posh phone units and has cheap plans for the latest model iPhone and Blackberry. Those attached to their old handset can keep their number and get a new SIM card with one of O2’s special SIM-only tariffs as well. This company also has a great 30-Day Happiness Guarantee that will allow an unsatisfied user to cancel their contract and receive a refund for the cost of the USB modem or laptop purchased.

O2 also give users free access to a WiFi network called The Cloud. This means that if you’re ever surfing the web in a McDonalds, you’re doing it over WiFi rather than using your broadband dongle. They are so certain that you’ll be happy with your mobile broadband that they offer a 50 day no quibble contract cancellation and refund policy.